What suncream are you using?

It is the time of year when we all strip off and let our pasty white skin see sunlight.  After a long winter we need a bit of a tan.   But we have to remember the sun can do long term damage to our skin – sunburn, ageing, skin cancer, wrinkles….. So we Natural Suncream from Optimum Wellnessneed to protect our skin.

BUT what sun cream will you use?

Personally I am in favour of a natural suncream (surprise, surprise….lol). One which is kind to my skin, free from parabens (preservatives) and other nasty chemicals. So the majority of suncreams won’t work for me…

My daughter has eczema and her skin is very sensitive to suncreams so I had to find a natural suncream which would work for her.

I found The Green People brand which has lovely natural suncreams and they have really worked well for my daughter.  First I used the Organic Children Sun Lotion SPF30, the scent free one.  For the first time her skin didn’t react to suncream, AWESOME. I was so impressed I bought the regular Green People Sun Lotion SPF30 for the rest of the family.

The product was a bit thinker than other lotions but absorbs into the skin well.  Most importantly she didn’t get burnt.

SPF30 is the highest factor in the range but I found this works well, even while on holidays in France!  By the way I also encourage my kids to coverup when in the sun for a long period, the sun can do so much long term damage which we want to avoid.  I find a light cotton/linen top works well.  When swimming a water suntop or rash vest will help protect the most delicate skin which isn’t used of sunlight!

Enjoy the sunshine!