Do you have a Caffeine Addiction? Maybe Tea or Coffee?

Caffeine addiction is something which I have really CaffeineAddiction2 from Emily Lavelle at OptimumWellness.iebeen struggling with the last few weeks. The thing is I really love tea. I usually have about two cups a day. It is my daily dose of comfort.  I am feeling warm and cosy as I sit here even thinking about it. But it has caffeine although not as much as coffee…..

I noticed my energy levels were all over the place from being really tired to full of energy. It got so bad two weeks ago that I was lying on the couch in the middle of the day unable to function and falling asleep.

After a bit of thought I realised it was down to the tea. Over the past month or so without realising it I have been having more cups of tea and making them stronger and stronger. After a cup of tea I was full of energy and then an hour or so later I was exhausted and craving another cup of tea.

To sort out my energy levels I knew I needed to go cold turkey on a tea detox.  I had done it before, I could do it again.

So for three days I felt awful – foggy brain where I just couldn’t think clearly and had a constant dull headache, I couldn’t concentrate, I was so irritable and cranky I’m surprised my husband and kids didn’t kick me out (yeikes!), my energy levels were so low and I was longing for a cup of tea constantly.  Those days were one big blur and I wasn’t fully engaging on what is going on around me. I felt like I was living in a parallel universe.

But it passed, I have come out the otherside and feel great.  I still have the odd longing for a cup of tea but I  am going to stick with the no tea policy for a while more – I know the longing will pass.

The ironic thing about the whole experience is that I inflicted it on myself!  Strange as it sounds it is true.  I do love the warmth of a cup of tea but I tend to get addicted to it. I usually monitor my intake carefully or avoid them but this time it got the better of me.

Do you struggle with caffeine addition – tea or coffee? Or maybe it is a food addition like sugar? 

CaffeineAddiction from EmilyLavelle at


It is a good idea to give yourself a break from stimulants so you aren’t so reliant on them.  Why?

  1. They wreak havoc with your energy levels – they give you loads of energy and then when they wear off you are really tired and have cravings.
  2. You become reliant on them to get you through the day. As time goes on you need more and more of them.
  3. Stimulants affect your sleep – you may find it difficult getting to sleep at night or can cause night waking.
  4. Improved Moods – people who are addicted to tea or coffee often tend to be grumpy until they get their fix.
  5. Health – the tannins in tea and coffee inhibit the absorption of nutrients like iron. Drinking a lot of tea or coffee could result in low iron levels.

Here are my top 5 tips for kicking your addictions.

  1. Do it!

You probably know the food or drink that you are addicted to. Decide when you are going to give it up and just do it.

  1. Drink Loads of water

There is so much going on inside your body while you adjust to life without that food or drink so drink lots and lots of water to flush out the toxins.

  1. Be kind to yourself

Give yourself a pat on the back for doing this and say well done.

  1. Get Outdoors

When I had those endless headaches I found the best thing to help them was to get outdoors. It definitely helped clear some of the brain fog.

  1. Stick with it

Stay committed to your decision. I know it isn’t easy but the symptoms do pass. Sometimes we have to go through harder times to come out the other end but you will be better, stronger and healthier for doing it.

So if you have caffeine addition then it’s time to overcome it. Take control today and just do it.

Let me know how you get on