Eczema: Vitamin B for Energy 

When you have eczema, it can really deplete your energy levels. 


Eczema is inflammation in the skin.  Your body is always fighting this eczema and it needs energy to do this.  We could have use this energy for other things but our body needs it to flight inflammation that causes eczema.  As a result, eczema suffers tend to feel more tired, run down and don’t have the energy levels of others.


I have seen this with so many eczema suffers.  I really notice it with my daughter and myself who have eczema.  We need to have more rest time and sleep than others to do the same thing.

Something that we need to be mindful of is what we eat.  It is really important taken foods with nutrients that help our body to make energy.  One important nutrient is vitamin B.

Vitamin B helps with energy production in the body.  It is found in many common foods however vitamin B is a very volatile water-soluble nutrient and is easily lost during processing and cooking.  So we have to be really careful to eat fresh foods which are lightly cooked and high in vitamin B.

Tired of eczema

Vitamin B rich foods include Asparagus, Spinach, Mushrooms (white button), Lentils, Salmon, Kale, Cauliflower, Turkey, Eggs, Tuna, Liver.  Take at least one source every day.

Also our body doesn’t store vitamin B so we cannot built up reserves.  Since our bodies are always busy fighting inflammation from eczema it is important to get a daily dose of vitamin B to keep our energy levels up.

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