Boost Your Day Right from the Start.  Here are Healthy Breakfast Ideas for you.


So I bet you want to feel full of energy and energised from morning until night.

Skipping breakfast or eating a poor quality breakfast results in food cravings throughout the day along with tiredness, poor concentration, lack of focus, moody and negative thoughts. These are things you want to AVOID!  

Eating a good breakfast has so many benefits:

Restore Energy Levels  |  Good Mood  |    Kickstart  Metabolism

Stimulate your Brain   |   Keep a Healthy Figure  |  Prevent illness


Getting the right macronutrient combination at breakfast is  so important.  By that I mean including protein, carbohydrates and fat.  Often breakfasts have too much carbohydrates like toast or cereal so they give a boost of energy for about 40 minutes and then we run out of energy.

To have all day energy we need to combine the carbohydrate rich food with protein and fat.  This slows down the release of energy so we have energy and feel fuller for longer.

Here are my favourite Healthy Breakfast Ideas:
  • Sugar-free Muesli, with milk.
  • Wholemeal break or toast with nut butter & sliced banana or apple.
  • Weetabix, Shreddies or All-bran with milk and a sprinkle of nuts & seeds of your choice.
  • Porridge/Oats with milk, fresh fruit and ground seeds.
  • OVERNIGHT OATS made with seeds or nuts, fruit & low fat natural yogurt.
  • Fresh fruit salad & yoghurt e.g. live or greek with nuts and seeds or my SUGAR FREE GRANOLA.
  • Fruit smoothies with fresh fruit, milk e.g. coconut, oat, rice and ground nuts, seeds with live or greek yogurt
  • Delicious BANANA PANCAKE.
  • Omelette with grilled mushrooms, tomato and courgette or choose your own fillings.
  • Salmon and scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast with grilled tomato and mushrooms

Maybe you have some great Healthy Breakfasts Ideas, I would love to hear about them.  Email me at  Also if you have any questions just let me know and I’ll happily help.