Health is all about the Right Balance and sun exposure is no different.

We are told by some experts we need to use an SPF of 50 to protect our skin from the sun’s harmful rays.  As those rays can burn and damage your skin and possibly cause skin cancer . Yeikes! you definitely don’t want that, but what has this got to do with Vitamin D?

The reality is the best source of vitamin D is sunlight.  When skin is exposed to sunlight it will facilitate our body to produce vitamin D.  Vitamin D is needed for health & growth.  AVitamin D for Health at OptimumWellness.ies  you may know low levels of vitamin D is prevalent in the Irish population.  Why?  Well we don’t get much sun in the Summer and in Winter the sun isn’t strong enough to produce vitamin D.

So what should you do? Get the balance right – sun exposure v’s skin protection.

Here is what I do to get the balance:

  • I use a moisturiser with an SPF on my face in the Summer/early Autumn. Some recommend using a moisturise with SPF in it all year round but I don’t!
  • I avoid the mid-day heat. If I have to go out in it, I cover up!
  • If I am out in the intense sun, I’ll try to find a shady bit to stand in.
  • I wear a hat when sitting out in the sun.
  • I wear sunglasses whenever I can. Yep I say “whenever I can” as I wear glasses and I have to coordinate sunny days with wearing contact lenses! I don’t always get it right or don’t always have the time to put in contacts!  Its as simple as that.
  • I use a natural sun cream, I like this Green People one.

By the way you should get your vitamin d levels checked.  I recently food out I’m one of those with low levels of vitamin D! I was shocked, I couldn’t believe it.  I am not an obsessive sunscreen wearer (which would prevent vitamin D production) AND I eat a healthy diet where some vitamin D can be sourced.  So I am supplementing vitamin D to bring up my levels to a normal one!

Be sensible out in the sun, get the balance right 😊

Take care,