Apples, Apples everywhere…..but what is wrong with apples?

It is that time of year when apples come into season and taste their best.  We are fortunate to have a very fruitful apple tree in our garden. This given us an endless supply of delicious apples for the past 6 weeks and our apple tree hasn’t finished giving yet! 

They are probably one of the most underrated fruits around.  All these other ‘superfoods’ which we here about but the humble apple has never been on the list.  But I just don’t agree with that since there are lots of health benefits.

Firstly they are good for heart health. Apples are packed with particular nutrients called phenols and polyphenols which act as antioxidants to help keep blood vessels healthy and free of bad cholesterol.

Secondly they support our good bacteria.  Thanks to their polyphenols phytonutrients apples feed the good bacteria in your gut. As you probably know already a healthy gut population is essential for health including keeping a healthy weight, a good mood, fight disease & heart health.

Thirdly eating a whole apple help with regular bowl movements.  Apples are packed with fibre which helps push food and waste through your body and most importantly helps eliminate waste!

Along with these benefits apples are a very affordabe and widely available.  And I love that fact that it is one of the only fruits which we can easily grow here in Ireland!  I find there is very little maintenace of an apple tree – believe me I don’t give our apple tree any TLC and it produces apples every year – fingers crossed this keeps happening!

Another reason I really love apples is because they are incredibly versitile.  You can eat them raw or cook them.  Have them as a snack or as part of breakfast.  Apples can be included as part of a desert or a dinner.  Make them into a chutney or a relish, seriously there are so many options.

So please don’t disregard the humble apple, they have lots of health benefits and are incredibly versitile.  I will be posting some recipes of the apple dishes we have enjoyed over the past number of weeks!