Have you looked at the ingredients list of the sliced pan bread you bought recently?

I bet it was a long list of ingredients many of them unrecognisable?  Do you know that traditionally bread was made of just a handful of ingredients like wheat, yeast, water, salt and maybe some butter or sunflower oil!

Sadly, these days most of our bread is loaded with additives like preservatives and flavouring.  These improve the shelf life of the bread, flavour and look of the bread.

However, additives can have dreadful effects on our health – as I found out with my daughter a few years ago.  The food additives caused awful eczema all over her body.  However, when I removed them from her diet her eczema practically disappeared.

It can be really tricky avoiding additives in our food and can be very concerning when we are doing our best to feed our children healthy nutritious meals.  To help you feed your children wholesome nutritious foods I have a new  Healthy Family Eating Course where you will learn practical no nonsense advise on how to clean up your family’s diet.  You will get healthy nutritious recipes and meal ideas free from nasty additives.

Find more information HERE or contact me Emily@optimumwellness.ie or 086 3399771