It might sound like a crazy question to ask about a food so many of us think is healthy but you will be surprised!

As you may know pesto is packed with nutritious ingredients like basil and pine nuts but it is the ingredients that we don’t realise are there that we have to be careful of!

Pesto is traditionally made from delicious ingredients like basil, pine nuts, parmesan cheese and olive oil. I love a good pesto and it works with so many food and meals.

Making your own pesto is always best.  If you don’t have time for  that you have to buy it.  Always remember to read the list of ingredients to figure out if it is a healthy pesto.  Maybe you can dash to your fridge right now and take sneaky peak at the pesto ingredients!

Most shop bought pesto has preservatives ☹, sad but true.

Preservatives like potassium sorbate is often added to pesto’s to prolong the shelf life.  Small amounts of potassium sorbate in our diet is generally harmless.  But it is found in so many of our shop bought foods that we are taking way more of it than we realise.  Potassium sorbate can lead to allergies, skin irritation, abdominal pain, runny nose or congestion, migraines and there are studies to show that it can mess with our DNA.  Sadly it as been found to be toxic to animals!

To be on the safe side you should stay clear of such additive.  Potassium Sorbate is one of the additives I removed from my daughters diet to heal her eczema naturally.

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