Is Pesto really a healthy food?

It might sound like a crazy question to ask about a food so many of us think is healthy but you will be surprised! As you may

Danger with Bread

Have you looked at the ingredients list of the sliced pan bread you bought recently? I bet it was a long list of ingredients many of them

Brown Bread

This is a delicious and incredibly easy wholesome brown bread recipe. It is actually my mum's recipe and her bread is so popular with those who visit

What is wrong with Apples?

Apples, Apples everywhere.....but what is wrong with apples? It is that time of year when apples come into season and taste their best.  We are fortunate to have

Sunscreen, Vitamin D and getting the Right Balance!

Health is all about the Right Balance and sun exposure is no different. We are told by some experts we need to use an SPF of 50 to

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Boost Your Day Right from the Start.  Here are Healthy Breakfast Ideas for you.   So I bet you want to feel full of energy and energised

Feeling Bloated & Sluggish?

Are you feeling Bloated and Sluggish? Here are 3 easy things you can do TODAY.  Drink at least 2 ½ litres of Water every day. Flush out all

Do you have Caffeine Addiction?

Do you have a Caffeine Addiction? Maybe Tea or Coffee? Caffeine addiction is something which I have really been struggling with the last few weeks. The thing

Sauerkraut with Orange, Apple & Ginger

Sauerkraut with Orange, Apple & Ginger I got a really bad dose of the flu recently. Since I just couldn't shake it I went to the doctor

Weight Loss – What you must do…

Don't beat around the bush, you must do this for weight loss. January 1st is a great time to start make a change.  What are your new year’s

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