Tailored Diet, Healthy Eating, Lifestyle & Mindset to Boost your Health & Wellness.

Your existing diet is analysed using Nutritics Software for a comprehensive report outlining nutritional deficiencies and excesses. During consultations you are educated with practical steps to improve your diet and nutritional intake.  It is all about Losing Weight, Improving Energy Levels, Boosting your Mood or achieve your diet goals, no matter what they are!

I will use strategies for personal change to empower you to be motivated, overcome barriers, build self-belief and confidence.  Strategies are based on Health & Wellness Coaching and NLP which is all about mindset changes and removing emotional baggage from the past.

Consultations are tailored based on your requirements – nutritional needs, food preferences, cooking abiliy and are designed to ensure you strive towards Optimum Health & Wellness in Mind & Body regardless of underlying health condition.

Email me today Emily@OptimumWellness.ie for your FREE 30 minute Consultation.

Energy, Good Mood & weight loss with food

Receive exciting information to optimise your energy levels and boost your mood.  

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How does the process work?

  1. Email me at Emily@OptimumWellness.ie or submit a request here.
  2. We will contact you and organise a suitable time to chat.
  3. Then I’ll send you a Diet Questionnaire.
  4. Return the questionnaire 4 days before our consultation.

It is that simple!

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“As a result of my work with Emily I now have a clear vision of what my career goals are and which values my career needs to be in line with.”
“Withing minutes of being with Emily I always felt calmer.”
“Thanks very much Emily, you were really a very important part of my working life taking some flow again. I look forward to working with you again in the near future.”