We all deserve to be happy but if you are feeling tired, unmotivated and down then it isn’t so easy.

Feel energized, motivated and happy by eating the right foods, making the right lifestyle choices and having the right attitude to life.  Start your FEEL GOOD journey with this online program.


10 Weeks to a new Mindset, super Motivation and unstoppable Energy!

Feel Energized, Motivated, Adopt the Right Mindset Boost your Mood.

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This is the Right Program for you if:

You always seem so TIRED?  Although you believe you get enough sleep.

Are you been FEELING DOWN recently?  You may not even know why.

You think you have a good diet, but your hair is LIFELESS and your skin is DULL.  You always seem to be CRAVING food?

You have a BUSY life with work, kids but find it DIFFICULT to cope with.

You have thought about going to the doctor but you don’t like MEDICATION and you don’t believe you have any real symptoms or problem that a doctor can help with.

You want a program you can do from the COMFORT of you own home but need ACCOUNTABILITY and MOTIVATION from someone who really understands you.

Program Includes:

  • 4 Individually Customised Consultations with me.  

    This will ensure the program works for you, consultations taken over Skype.

  • Dietary Analysis Report 

    Shows you where you are getting your calories from, what you are eating too much of and what you are eating too little of.

  • Lifestyle Analysis & Advice

    Lean how to balance your days better to incorporate healthy eating, lifestyle, sleep & destressing regime.

  • Weekly Email Support

    This will keep you motivated and focused as you progress through the program.

  • Weekly Information Sheets

    This will give you even more education you need to further understand concepts already discussed to in consultations to optimise your health.

  • Motivational Videos

    Ensuring you get the most out of this program these videos will focus on a different topic to ensure you get the mindset changes you need to get that zest for life.

  • Weekly Recipes

    Tried and tested delicious recipes that are designed to make you feel happier and healthier.


10 Weeks to Boost Your Mood

Nutritional Support

Dietary Advice

Meal Ideas

Stress Management



Zest for Life





All with the Bonus of a

Qualified Nutritional Advisor & Health Coach


Support you on your Journey

Help you stay on Track

Keep you Motivated

Give Dietary Advice

Guide you towards the Healthiest Diet & Lifestyle for you.

When you are feeling so tired, down and unmotivated it is difficult to get yourself in the mood to figure out what you need to do to feel better.  Sometimes you may believe there is nothing that you can do to feel better, you believe you are just made like this.  But you do see others out there happy, smiling and enjoying life, this seems such a challenge for you though.

You think you have a good diet so you are eating as well as you could be but your mood is still down.  However did you know that by eating particular foods it causes us to release hormones/enzymes which affect our energy levels, our levels of happiness and our zest for life?

You feel so tired so much and find it difficult to wake up and get out of the bed in the morning but you get at least 8 hours sleep each night.  You see other people with bundles of energy during the day and wish you could be like that too.  However by changing the foods you eat, improving your lifestyle patterns you will find your energy levels improve.

You have a busy job, kids and household to run so you do get stressed, sometimes you are very stressed.  Your low mood makes the stressful days difficult to get through.  If you weren’t feeling down so often you know that you could be able to manage your days better.  Through this program, you learn to manage your stress levels so that daily tasks are much more manageable.

You have thought about going to the doctor about feeling so low, tired, unhappy and unmotivated however you don’t believe what you are feeling is a real ‘condition’ and anyway, you don’t want to take medication.

Most of all you want to enjoy life like you see other people happy, laughing engaging with life and enjoying every moment of you.  You want this too.

The Mood Boost Program will put you on the right on track for boosting  your mood, feeling energized, engaging with life and living life the way you want to live it.  The program looks at balancing your diet with good quality wholesome foods while ensuring you are getting all the nutrients your body requires to release those feel good hormones/enzymes.  This will make you feel energized, happy, boost your mood.  The program also looks at lifestyle factors to include to further boost your mood and learn stress reduction techniques.  On top of this, the program also looks at your attitude to life and how you can improve your mood, energy and level of happiness by changing your mindset.

Enrol today, you will love the program.


I want to receive a FREE Mood Boost guide