Dietary Consultation

I had heard wonderful things about Optimum Wellness from a friend so I couldn’t wait to get started on my own journey to better health with Emily.  I felt very at ease sharing my worries/insecurities, body and health concerns throughout our consultations. Emily took the time to get to know my routines and personal situation in great detail and all goals/targets were always personalised, realistic and achievable while pushing me outside of my comfort zone a little more each time.  I would recommend Emily and Optimum Wellness to anyone who is open to re-educating themselves on the benefits of healthy eating and exercise for optimum health and well-being. Emily has a very open and friendly manner and she is passionate about making positive life-long changes in the lives of her clients. Thanks so much Emily!! Xx

Deirdre, Dublin

Corporate Wellness

Emily delivered a session at the Irish Universities Association to a number of staff members on healthy eating, food choices and general well- being. The team found the session extremely useful and insightful and it encouraged us to make a number of food changes in our diet and our approach to food. Emily was very personable, knowledgeable and trustworthy.  I would highly recommend Optimum Wellness to deliver team or one on one training in this area.

Irish Universities Association, Dublin

Dietary Analysis Consultation

Emily has worked with me for the last year and I simply cannot get over the changes I have made almost subconsciously thanks to her motivational meetings, encouragement whilst always coming across warm and sympathetic. Her advice has been life changing but in huge consideration of my busy life and the stresses and strains within it. I would highly recommend anyone to attend Emily, as you simply won’t look back and her life changing coaching is quite distinct and practical. I wish Emily every success in the future and have no hesitate in remaining on with Emily as a client to explore the other areas and services she has to offer.

Rachel, Dublin

Coaching Consultation

My goal was career development.  From the first visit I found Emily to be very welcoming and a very calm person.  Withing minutes of being with Emily I always felt calmer.  I was at a time in my life when I felt that I had a lot of skills but was not using them and didn’t really understand why I wasn’t.  Also I wanted a job that gave me a sense of purpose and needed help in clarifying and visualising what that job might be.  With Emily’s NLP experience she worked with me and it didn’t take long for me to realise that there were negative associations with some of my previous work which were blocking my career development.  Emily supported me in achieving a more positive attitude towards my work and removing the blocks that were there.  As a result of my work with Emily I now have a clear vision of what my career goals are and which values my career needs to be in line with.  Also, progress and movement came in to my career and I am now more open to work opportunities.  Since working with Emily I have been able to accept and decline work opportunities easier as I now know which values my work has to be in line with.  Thanks very much Emily, you were really a very important part of my working life taking some flow again.  I look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Denise, Dublin

Stress Management Consultation

I found Emily’s stress management classes hugely helpful. For myself personally, exams can provoke a lot of stress, but Emily’s exercises made a massive difference in helping me remain calm when flustered. Through this, not only was my study of better quality, it also had a knock-on effect for many other areas of my life, helping me to cope with stress in a positive, healthy way. I would emphatically recommend her to anyone looking to alleviate stress.

Féilim, Dublin

Corporate Wellness

The presentation was excellent and was followed by a very informative questions and answers session. Emily really knows her stuff and communicates in a professional yet friendly manner that gets the message across in just the right way. Our staff verified greatly from the presentation and feedback was very positive with many people implementing the changes suggested by Emily. I would highly recommend Emily Lavelle for any corporate events or for one to one sessions for both her knowledge of nutrition and her pleasant manner.

Robert Walters Recruitment Specialists, Dublin

NLP Consultation

The setting was spacious yet intimate, creating a feeling of order and safety. Emily herself was welcoming in a most genuine way. She established a ground for communication from the start and I felt that I would be heard. Emily spoke with enthusiasm which encouraged an optimistic response.  She created a reassuring rapport, explaining how she was going to proceed in a very down-to-earth way.  She encouraged a focused response by asking what I hoped to gain from the secession.  Emily was supportive and gentle and always encouraging.  The NLP work with emotions was new.  Emily explained the procedure carefully and sensitively.  Emily was most patient and ran and reran me through the procedure. I had the feeling that I was managing to let go the key emotions, at least to some extent.  Tapping I had come across before and was keen to try it out, Emily went through the movements and script with clarity and most of all with empathy. At the time and since I found it a powerful tool, which very likely has contributed to the significant progress I have made with working through my anxiety.  Emily offers a person centered approach, with tools to empower me in my journey to wellness. More than this, however, she displays a caring and genuine attitude which creates safety and support, which is to be much appreciated.

Carol, Wicklow